New Gods Revealed and “Meet The Gods” Page

Production of Oh My Gods! continues to progress rapidly and we’re doing some wonderful things to teach you more about the game. Each week, we’ll be unveiling a new god, showing you the artwork and teaching you a little bit about the gods. To kick it off, we’re doing something special and revealing not one, but TWO new gods! Check them out right here:


God of Wine & Parties

Dionysus is often considered to be one of the most fun gods. He is known for throwing lavish parties, but also for his severe rage. Dionysus is one of the few gods with a mortal parent, Selene. He is also the god who granted Midas his golden touch, which became known as both a blessing and a curse. This fun god is often depicted with grapes and wine.

In Oh My Gods!, Dionysus still loves his parties and can be a great help to players looking to gain a lot of information quickly!


God of Attraction & Desire

Known to the Romans as “Cupid,” Eros is Aphrodite’s son and takes on many of her traits. Beautiful and lustful himself, Eros is a meddling god who likes to cause trouble. He is always seen with his bow and arrows, which cause anyone he hits to instantly fall in love with the next person they see.

In Oh My Gods!, you, too, can use Eros’s arrows to gain information from your opponents!

You can also see Dionysus and Eros, along with Athena, in the promotional thumbnail below.

OMGs-KSThumbnail (1)

Related to all this, we’ve also added a new page to our website, Meet The Gods. Here, you can once again see the artwork and learn more about each of the gods. Also remember to keep an eye on it to learn how each god can affect the game.

And that’s it for this news. Let us know what you think below.

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