New God Revealed: Ares, God of War

As Halloween approaches, production of Oh My Gods! is still well under way. This week, as promised, we’re revealing a new god who will be in the game, along with his artwork. And here he is:



God of War

The insatiable god of war, Ares represents bloodlust and an overwhelming appetite for destruction. He is an untamed fighter with a take-no-prisoners attitude. Contrasting to Athena, who represents war strategy, Ares uses brute force and violence to win his battles.

In Oh My Gods!, you can use Ares’s brute force to your advantage, as you gain much more than knowledge from using his power!

One thing is for sure – with such a bloodthirsty god out there, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of Ares’s wrath! Next week, we’ll be revealing a new god, as well as a way for our e-mail list subscribers to have a big impact on the game! Make sure to join our mailing list by entering your e-mail address on the side so your opinion is heard, too!

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