Introducing Persephone and Hades!

We’ve compiled all of your voted together and, while not unanimous, an overwhelming majority of you felt that Persephone, Queen of the Underworld was the right fit for Oh My Gods! Here she is below, along with a bonus god revealed – her husband and captor, Hades!



Queen of the Underworld

A tragic character in Greek mythology, the beautiful Persephone was innocently picking flowers when she was abducted by Hades, who brought her to the Underworld and forced her to be his wife. After Zeus’s persuasion, Hades agreed to release Persephone, but under the condition that she not eat anything while in the Underworld. In the last monute, Persephone willingly ate six Pomegranate seeds and, for that reason spends six months each year in the Underworld, where she proudly takes on the role of “Queen” and greets all other Greek heroes as they enter the realm of the dead.

In Oh My Gods!, you can use to Persephone to hide in the Underworld and prevent yourself from having to give information to your opponents!





God of the Underworld

Zeus’s brother, Hades helped the Olympians win the war against the Titans and was rewarded by being given the ability to rule over one of the three realms. Drawing the short straw, Hades became the ruler of the Underworld, where he keeps the souls of the dead and becomes enraged when they try to leave. Hades is also known for capturing the innocent Persephone while she was young and forcing her to be his wife.

In Oh My Gods!, you, like Hades, can hide in the underworld and escape the angry and vengeful Zeus!


Other work on Oh My Gods! has been moving more quickly than ever. Box art and score sheets have been completed. All we have to do now is the rule book and then send the game off for preliminary production! Keep an eye out next week, when we reveal yet another god and make another big announcement!

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