Kickstarter is Live!

Hey there everyone! First off, to all the backers: thank you, thank you, thank you! We’re about 36 hours into the campaign and we’re already over 75% funded! With 33 days to go, I have no doubt that we’ll fund and you’ll soon be the proud owner of Oh My Gods! We have a lot planned in those 33 days, including our Launch Party, 2 conventions, 2 game design panels, a sponsored event on Twitter, and a huge number of game exhibitions. Our hope is to keep spreading the word about OMGs and get it into as many people’s hands as possible!


We have some amazing reviews already out there, as you can see on the main Kickstarter page, but we have even more to come! I’d like to give Kel from The Care & Feeding of Nerds, as well as Christopher from Geeks Podcast a shout out for their great reviews. Here are the links to them, if you haven’t taken a look yet:

I’ll keep you updated as more reviews come out.

Social Media

If you haven’t already, you can follow/like Oh My Gods! on Twitter and Facebook. I highly suggest doing so, as we’ll be doing free giveaways for Oh My Gods! swag throughout the entire campaign.

And finally, please share the campaign with your friends, family, coworkers, whomever. Our current contests involve sharing our tweets/pictures for a chance to win a free tee shirt. I’ve heard from some that they’re a pretty hot ticket!

That’s it for now! Once again, thank you for all your support! Now, let’s get this game funded!


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