First Stretch Goal Reached, PAX East Success, and More Reviews!

Hey there everyone! Coming at you with some great news all-around here.

First Stretch Goal Reached!

We’ve officially reached our first stretch goal of $3500, meaning that all Epic Hero-level backers (and above) will get a lightning bolt token with the base set! This little token is extremely helpful in deliniating who the thief is and I’m sure you’ll all be happy to have it!

Looking at our second stretch goal, we’re bringing you linen-finished cards! The linen finish makes them much more durable and easier to handle. A definite plus when you play the game over and over again (as I’m sure you all will). This stretch goal is set to $5000, so reach out to all your friends and get them to back us, too! The more people we have playing Oh My Gods!, the better!

PAX East

I had a great PAX East this year and a lot of it was thanks to Oh My Gods! I sat on two board game design panels on Friday, discussing game design and playtesting. Then, spent Saturday exhibiting Oh My Gods! at the booth. Not only did hundreds of people get to play it, but I didn’t hear one bad comment. We most commonly heard “That was fun” and “I really liked this.” It was also a great idea generator, as some of pur conventioneers got creative with ways to make Oh My Gods! even better. And, in fact, a lot of you backers got your first taste of Oh My Gods! at PAX!

I also got the chance to meet with some publishers and manufacturers, and have some great stuff cooking. I won’t say anything yet, but it will all make for a better game for all of you in the end! Here are some pictures from the convention:


We also have 3 more AMAZING reviews coming to ya from some very notable names. Here they are:

First, we have James and Iain from Open the Box Games. Not only did they do a write-up about how to play, but they did a video for us, too. Iain (who has also been featured on The Dice Tower) is adorable when he talks about our game. It seems like they both had fun playing and really recommend Oh My Gods! Here are their reviews: Written Review | Video Review

We also have a great how-to video and commentary from Bower’s Game Corner where Forrest gives a very thorough how-to and talks about the types of players who might like the game (hint: there are a lot!). Check out his video review here.

Finally, we have another great review from the guys over at Game Night Guys, who played Oh My Gods! during their most recent podcast. These guys are hilarious and you’ll really enjoy how they make fun of (and mispronounce) the Greek gods, too. They all enjoyed the game and gave us a new idea – The God of Bacon! Check out their podcast here.

That’s it for today! Keep getting the word out there so we can reach our next stretch goal! The more backers we can get, the better Oh My Gods! will be in the end!

Take care,


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