Going strong!

Hey everyone! 16 days left and we’re still going strong! We still have more great reviews coming out and are just really excited for them all.

From the Backers

So I’ve been hearing back from a few backers who have played Oh My Gods! and the reviews has been great! Recently got this message from someone who played one of the copies at Knight Moves in Brookline:

I love hearing feedback, so if you’ve played, let me know!

Upcoming Events

We have a few upcoming events planned. The event at Knight Moves has been confirmed, plus there are a few more that I have in the works. Here’s what we have finalized:

Come on down to both of these events and get your chance to play Oh My Gods! before it’s released!

New Review

We got a new review in from the great people over at Board Game Duel, who said that Oh My Gods! is “quick, enjoyable and works well.” Check out the full review here.

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