Nearing the Home Stretch

Hey everyone! Once again, thank you for all of your support! You all rock and are amazing! Only 11 days to go, but we have a lot going on! We’ve added a few more events which are coming up fast! But first…

A Call for Action

It’s great that we’re funded! I can’t tell you all how thrilled I am! We’re approaching $5,000, which is our second stretch goal, but it also a milestone that will allow us to do a lot more withOh My Gods! However, lately, our momentum has been flattening. For that reason, I’m issuing a call for action, which also happens to come with some great prizes!

Below is an image created to help get the word out about Oh My Gods! This call is to spread the word about how great of a game it is. Post it on social media and tag us (@OMGsGame for Twitter or /OMGsGame for Facebook) to spread the word. A few lucky winners will receive OMGs tee-shirts, and some others will get their copy of OMGs signed by the designer (me!). So let’s get going on that road to $5k!

So make sure to tell your friends about us and get them to back our game. The more backers we get, the more we can do with OMGs, and the better the game will be for everyone!

Upcoming Events

I’ve mentioned  some events that we have coming up in past updates, but we’ve recently added two more and they’re right around the corner. They are two board game nights hosted in Boston and I’ll have plenty of copies of Oh My Gods! available to be played. Don’t forget about our event at Knight Moves Cafe tomorrow! Here’s the event calendar:

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