2nd Stretch Goal Met!

So I slept in this morning and woke up to something that made my week – we hit the 2nd stretch goal! Yess!!! Honestly, I wasn’t sure if we were going to. Mid-last week, Kicktraq.com was projecting that we’d hit between $4,400-$4,800 by project’s end – but we showed them! So now that we have linen-finish cards, it’s time for that stretch goal you’ve all been waiting for – the privacy screens! We have a few ideas out there for privacy screens, so if we hit this stretch goal, all backers will get to vote on which type they’d like.

You’re all going to be very happy for the linen-finish cards. They’re a lot more durable and easier to handle. You can play that much more with them! And the gods sure are happy about it, too…

…well maybe all but Poseidon and Hades. But there’s no making them happy.

One More Event!

We have one more event coming up during the Kickstarter. It’s the Boston University Day of the Devs, where local indie developers (both board and video game) get together to showcase their games. We’ll have some free tee-shirt giveaways, too, so stop on by and play some Oh My Gods!

Last Review

The last review of the campaign has been released and, as usual, is amazing! Rob atGeekDad.com did a great job of going over the rules and gameplay Oh My Gods! as well as says a lot great things about the game. My personal favorite is how he thought he wasn’t going to like it at first, but ended up really loving it! Check out the whole review here.

That’s it for now, everyone! Once again, thank you all for your support!


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