Final Stretch Goal Revealed!

Hello again! I’ve been asked by a few people to reveal my final stretch goal. And though we haven’t met the 3rd one yet, I figured I’d let you all know what the big plan was in the end. So with that in mind, I have updated the stretch goal image (below) to include the $9000 level Clue Sheet App.

As you can all see, the game comes with 50 clue sheets. This is enough to play the game 10-16 times (more will be available as a .pdf on our website). However, the Clue Sheet App will allow us to put the clue sheet onto your smart phone and get even more plays out of it. It’s set for $9,000, which is totally doable within the next 32 hours. However, I know a lot of you are excited about the privacy screens, so let’s concentrate on getting those first!

That’s it for this update. Now you know what the big plans are for the game. I’m just really excited that all of this is really happening!



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