An update!

Hello everyone –

We’ve been busy doing a whole bunch of boring behind-the-scenes stuff, including getting finalized quotes from manufacturers, pricing out some extras, working with distribution/shipping channels, applying for conventions, and working with backers to finalize the art for all games. We’ll be sending out a more complete update very shortly with some finalized things, including the backer survey, complete with options for our $50+ backers and art print options for the $30+ backers. We’ll also be voting on two options for the privacy screens – and one will come with a little bonus for those of you concerned about re-using paper!

We also have a bunch of other things in the work for you, which are way to early to announce right now – but like I said, we’ll be sending out updates more frequently, so you’ll be up to date.

Once again, I want to say a big thank you to all of you for your support. Without it, Oh My Gods! wouldn’t have been possible and I truly do appreciate it!



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