Big Updates

Big Updates

Screen Poll Results

First off, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who voted in the unofficial backer survey last month. The results are in and Screen option Number 2 was overwhelmingly chosen. This past weekend, I had a chance to showcase OMGs at the Boston Festival of Indie Games (more on that later), where we used the new screens, and we got a really good response on them. So I’m super excited to bring them to you all!

Manufacturing Delays

Unfortunately, there have been some delays in the manufacturing process. These were, of course, not expected, and we’re working our best to push through them and get the game out to you. Given these struggles, I’ve actually been in talks with a new manufacturer, who may be opening up some new doors and, ultimately, make a better game for you. Things have not been finalized with this new manufacturer, but I’ll let you all know as soon as I do. Switching manufacturers this late in the game is not an easy process, but trust me that I would not do this if this didn’t mean a better final product for you all. I’m actually very excited about this new relationship and hope, for all of us, that it pans out.

Awards?! What?

That’s right! This past weekend, Oh My Gods! was featured at the Boston Festival of Indie Games, New England’s largest indie game convention. Out of approximately 100 games that entered, half of them were selected for the showcase. In the end, Oh My Gods! got the runner-up award for Best in Show! That’s right, out of 100 games from around the U.S., we placed number TWO!

 Social Media

If you haven’t checked us out online yet, please feel free to follow us on Twitter (@OMGsGame) or like us on Facebook (Oh My Gods!).



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