Hey there – Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope 2016 is great for you (though I know it will be – you have a great game coming soon!). Up until recently, there wasn’t much to report on OMGs, but we have some great stuff going.

Most Anticipated Game of 2016

OMGs is up for BoardGameGeek’s “Most Anticipated Game of 2016.” Right now we’re pretty middle-of-the-pack, but are appearing on a few of the Category-specific lists. Please help us along by voting for us. Voting is easy – all you need to do is click the little green button in the bottom left-hand corner of the box. Here’s the link to our nomination:

PAX South Tabletop Showcase

In other big news, on a whim, I entered OMGs into the PAX South Tabletop Showcase. I knew it was a long-shot, but figured “why not?” I knew there were going to be a lot of entries and only eight games that make it in. Well, I’m happy to say that OMGs was chosen as one of the eight! I can’t tell you how excited I am! Just more proof here that you’ll be getting a GREAT game!

As part of this, we’ll have the amazing chance to showcase OMGs at PAX South in their Showcase section. If you’ll be there, please stop on by – I’d love to chat! You can check more information out here:


I’ve gotten a few inquiries about production/timeline. Honestly, there hasn’t been much to report on this end. Everything is with our manufacturer and we’re just waiting for it to be finished and shipped. I can report that the game is, indeed, being made now – like actual pieces for it are created! We’re hoping that the games leave the factory before the end of the month. They’ll then take a few weeks to arrive here in the U.S., then go out to all of you!

So that’s it for now! Please remember to vote for us. And leave a comment below if you’ll be at PAX South – I’d love to meet you!



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