Meet The Gods


Oh My Gods! is all about the Greek gods. Learn more about the gods below. Click on any picture to see a larger version of it. Also check them out by viewing the Oh My Gods! Game Art page.



Aphrodite – Goddess of Love & Beauty

The most beautiful of all the gods, Aphrodite was said to have many lovers, despite being married to Hephaestus. Her attraction tempted men and gods alike and even inadvertently started the Trojan War. Aphrodite had many children, the most famous being Eros, the god of attraction and desire.

In Oh My Gods!, you can use Aphrodite’s beauty to entice and extract information from your opponents.


Apollo – God of Music, Knowledge, & the Sun

The twin brother of Artemis, Apollo became associated with the sun, where Artemis became associated with the moon. Apollo is often considered to be “perfect,” and is viewed as one of the most beautiful and powerful gods. He is also associated with the Oracle at Delphi, as it is said that Apollo inspires the Oracle’s predictions with his great knowledge. Apollo is also often credited with having helped start the Olympic Games.

In Oh My Gods!, you can use Apollo’s sweet music to quiet your opponents and severely handicap them!


Ares – God of War

The insatiable god of war, Ares represents bloodlust and an overwhelming appetite for destruction. He is an untamed fighter with a take-no-prisoners attitude. Contrasting to Athena, who represents war strategy, Ares uses brute force and violence to win his battles.

In Oh My Gods!, you can use Ares’s brute force to your advantage, as you gain much more than knowledge from using his power!


Artemis – Goddess of the Hunt

Artemis is Apollo’s twin sister, but is associated with the moon instead of the sun. As the goddess of the hunt, she always has her bow and arrows ready, and is friends with the wood nymphs, who help her to hunt. A pure goddess, Artemis is the protector of children, especially little girls, as well as a healer for women.

In Oh My Gods!, Artemis’s hunting ability will help you get ahead, as she captures gods from other players.


Athena – Goddess of Wisdom

The daughter of Zeus, Athena is one of the most powerful and popular gods. The city of Athens, the capital of Greece, is named for Athena. She is also the goddess of war, but unlike Ares, takes a more strategic approach to war. Athena is often depicted with her shield and owl, representing war and wisdom.

In Oh My Gods!, you can use Athena’s great wisdom to discover a lot of information from your opponents.


Atlas – God of Strength

Atlas is most known for being the god who holds up the heavens. An extremely strong god, he was forced to this labor as punishment for opposing Zeus in the Titans’ war against the Olympians. Despite holding up the heavens (or the “celestial sphere”), Atlas is often depicted as holding up the Earth.

In Oh My Gods!, you can use Atlas’s power to strong-arm your opponents out of gaining information.


Demeter – Goddess of the Harvest

A warm and motherly goddess, Demeter is the goddess of the harvest, meaning that she controls agriculture and vegetation. She is also the goddess of fertility, law and the human life cycle. Her daughter, Persephone was stolen to the underworld by Hades and because of this, Demeter weeps 6 months of the year, causing all vegetation to die. This is how the ancient Greeks explained the seasons.

In Oh My Gods!, you can use Demeter’s lawbringing ability to keep both your opponents and Zeus in check!


Dionysus – God of Wine & Parties

Dionysus is often considered to be one of the most fun gods. He is known for throwing lavish parties, but also for his severe rage. Dionysus is one of the few gods with a mortal parent, Selene. He is also the god who granted Midas his golden touch, which became known as both a blessing and a curse. This fun god is often depicted with grapes and wine.

In Oh My Gods!, Dionysus still loves his parties and can be a great help to players looking to gain a lot of information quickly!


Eros – God of Attraction & Desire

Known to the Romans as “Cupid,” Eros is Aphrodite’s son and takes on many of her traits. Beautiful and lustful himself, Eros is a meddling god who likes to cause trouble. He is always seen with his bow and arrows, which cause anyone he hits to instantly fall in love with the next person they see.

In Oh My Gods!, you, too, can use Eros’s arrows to gain information from your opponents!


Hades – God of the Underworld

Zeus’s brother, Hades helped the Olympians win the war against the Titans and was rewarded by being given the ability to rule over one of the three realms. Drawing the short straw, Hades became the ruler of the Underworld, where he keeps the souls of the dead and becomes enraged when they try to leave. Hades is also known for capturing the innocent Persephone while she was young and forcing her to be his wife.

In Oh My Gods!, you, like Hades, can hide in the underworld and escape the angry and vengeful Zeus!



Hephaestus – God of Fire

More than just the God of Fire, Hephaestus was the blacksmith of the gods and crafted all the weapons and thrones used by the other Olympians. He is the only Olympic god with a disability, being unable to work, but that didn’t stop him from returning to power after he was exiled from Olympus by Hera.

In Oh My Gods!, you can recreate Hephaestus’s return by bringing a fallen god back to power!



Hera – Queen of the Gods

Hera was the wife of Zeus, making her the Queen of the Gods. Often depicted with a regal beauty, she is also the goddess of women and marriage. Hera is known to be jealous and vengeful of Zeus’s many other lovers, though her biggest enemy was the hero, Heracles, one of Zeus’s many children with other lovers. As the Queen, Hera is one of the most powerful gods and isn’t afraid to assert her reign.

In Oh My Gods!, you can use Hera’s reign to keep the other gods in order.



Heracles – Gatekeeper of Olympus

More commonly known as Hercules, his Roman counterpart, Heracles is a hero who was deified after he died. He is known for his great feats of strength, intelligence, and bravery, especially as he completed his twelve labors. Heracles proudly wears the pelt of the Nemean Lion, a testament to his physical and mental prowess. He now sits as the gatekeeper to Olympus.

In Oh My Gods!, you can use Heracles’s great strength to prevent your opponents from hurting you!


Hermes – Messenger of the Gods

As the messenger of the gods, Hermes is able to move freely everywhere, both mortal and divine. His winged sandals and helmet allow him to move quickly, as he often carries Zeus’s messages to the other gods and mortals. Hermes is also known as the trickster god, as he enjoys playing pranks on others.

In Oh My Gods!, you can really take advantage of Hermes’s power to speed up your game!



Hestia – Goddess of the Hearth

A loving and maternal goddess, Hestia is the domestic goddess who brings warmth to the gods. She is not mentioned much in Greek mythology, but her presence was felt in every house, as the leading women often prayed to her to keep their homes warm and safe. Hestia is also the goddess of family and brings out strong bonds in others.

In Oh My Gods!, you can use Hestia’s loving ways to bring home knowledge from your opponents.



Nike – Goddess of Victory

Nike is one of the lesser-known Greek gods, despite having a very prominent presence in modern media. She is thought of as the “personification of victory” and is depicted with symbols that represent victory, as well. Her wings represent a heavenly character, while her laurel wreath was a gift given to the victors of the ancient Olympic games. Her most prominent item is her torch, which is akin to the Olympic torch, a symbol of athletic prowess around the world.

Nike’s not used to losing. In Oh My Gods!, you can use Nike’s power to help you win!


 Persephone – Queen of the Underworld

A tragic character in Greek mythology, the beautiful Persephone was innocently picking flowers when she was abducted by Hades, who brought her to the Underworld and forced her to be his wife. After Zeus’s persuasion, Hades agreed to release Persephone, but under the condition that she not eat anything while in the Underworld. In the last monute, Persephone willingly ate six Pomegranate seeds and, for that reason spends six months each year in the Underworld, where she proudly takes on the role of “Queen” and greets all other Greek heroes as they enter the realm of the dead.

In Oh My Gods!, you can use to Persephone to hide in the Underworld and prevent yourself from having to give information to your opponents!



Prometheus – Maker of Man

In the war between the titans and the Olympians, Prometheus, whose name means “wisdom,” chose to side with the Olympians and was rewarded by Zeus for doing so. He later betrayed Zeus for stealing fire from Olympus, against Zeus’s wishes, and giving it to man. Because of this, Zeus punished Prometheus by chaining him to a rock on Olympus and forever being tortured by one of Zeus’s eagles. Prometheus is also famous for creating man, having made people out of mud.

In Oh My Gods!, you can use Prometheus’s power of creation to copy any of the other gods’ powers!



Poseidon – God of the Sea

Brother of Zeus and Hades, Poseidon rules the realm of the sea. He is known for his hot temper, which also causes earthquakes. Poseidon is said to have created horses to impress Demeter. He always carries his trident, which is said to smash any object.

In Oh My Gods!, you can use Poseidon’s great power to hush the other players as you race to find the thief!



Triton – Messenger of the Sea

As his son, Triton has many similarities to Poseidon. He, too, has a fond affinity to the sea and also carries a trident. Triton keeps his conch shell handy, as he blows into to control the tides and waves. He is often depicted as a merman, with a fish tail instead of legs. This allows him to swim swiftly and earns him the title of “Messenger of the Sea.”

In Oh My Gods!, Triton can “swim with the tides” as he moves things around, making it harder for your opponents.



Zeus – King of the Gods

Zeus, king of the gods, got his title after winning the great war against the Titans. He rules with his trust thunderbolt, given to him by the Cyclops. He is married to Hera, but is well known for his many affairs. In fact, most of the other Olympic gods are his children, with Athena being his favorite. Zeus is known for his great wrath and the way he punished humans. Still, he has great power and intelligence, earning him his title

In Oh My Gods!, you can help Zeus find his lightning bolt. But watch out, he’s angry and can hurt your game, too!