Oh My Gods! Press Kit

Welcome to the Oh My Gods! press kit. Here, you can find out more information about Oh My Gods!, the design process, and images that you can feel free to use.

Awards and Recognition

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Overview of Game

One of the Greek gods has stolen Zeus’s lightning bolt and it’s up to you to figure out who. Race against your friends in this fast-paced game of deduction as you search for clues, uncover new gods, and call upon their divine powers. But watch out for Zeus – he’s out for revenge and is ready to zap your game and any moment!

2-5 players  |  15-20 min  |  Ages 8+


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More in-depth information about Oh My Gods!

One of the Greek gods has been up to no good and has stolen Zeus’s lightning bolt. Without it, he’s powerless and is out to seek revenge! You’ve been hired to help Zeus figure out who this wretched thief is. Does Hades have it in his underworld? Did Dionysus take it after one of his wild parties? Or was it that trouble-maker Hermes? Oh My Gods! is a fast-paced game of mystery, mischief, and deduction. Race against your friends to search for clues, uncover hidden gods, and use their almighty powers. But watch out for the angry Zeus – he’s on the prowl and is ready to zap your game!

During game set-up, one of the gods is removed from the deck – this is the thief. Players are then each dealt a hand of cards with valuable information which they can choose to share – or not! Each player’s hand consists of a few gods – these are the gods with alibis. With twenty possible suspects, players must exchange information in order to find the god with no alibi. Information is tracked on a score card that each player keeps hidden.

Each god also has their own power that players can use in order to find out more information. But watch out! Using a god’s power means that you must reveal them to your opponents and can leave you with fewer cards in your hand.

Be the first player to correctly figure out the thief god and you win the game. Be careful, because if you’re wrong, you lose and are out for the remainder of the game!


Development of Oh My Gods! started with a simple quote from popular game designer, Sid Meier: A [good] game is a series of interesting choices.” With this in mind, we wanted to create a game which literally gave players a hand full of interesting choices to make. This leadmes to an idea in which players are forced to make “trade-offs” while playing, giving up something in the game in order to gain more. The mystery/deduction aspect of the game came naturally, as “information” is that something. Also central to Oh My Gods!’s development is the idea that decisions are situational, and so the benefit of each decision can change, depending upon where in the game that player is.

In total, Oh My Gods! was in development for over 2 years before being published. It has seen many different forms, but the deduction/god power aspect of it has remained the same throughout the development process. The game has seen as many as 26 gods and as few as 12. In total, developers have gone through about 10 major mechanics and over 50 individual god powers to arrive at the game as it currently stands.

One benefit has been Oh My Gods!’s involvement in a local game design group. Through going through the group’s “curation process,” it has benefited from the strategic eye of members and play testers, all who have had great input on the game’s development.

The art for Oh My Gods! was all done me, Tim Blank. This is the first game that I’ve done art for.

About the Designer


Tim Blank
Owner / Designer

Tim is a local to Boston, MA and has been involved in the tabletop game design community for some time. In addition to running and designing for Gameworthy Labs, he is the Vice President for BostonFIG, New England’s largest Indie Game Festival, where he runs the tabletop showcase. Tim is also the Director of Curation for the Boston Game Maker’s Guild, as well as a judge for IndieCade. Tim is active in the game design community and has spoken on a number of panels, appeared in podcasts, and has written a number of articles, all pertaining to game design.


e-mail: tblank@gameworthylabs.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OMGsGame

Twitter: @GameworthyLabs

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